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I was struck with a rollercoaster of emotions regarding my comic, Haunter of Dreams. I feel a strong urge to share this story of hope & strength with you for free on Gumroad. ->
The reason for this is the core of the story and how much meaning it carries, especially in the wake of the current situation with the pandemic: the fear of the unkown overloads the feeling of hope and relief. And today, I want to open up to you about my experience.I sat down to paint this picture of Yon to find a solution for my heartache.
In the wake of the current situation, many of us are stuck at home and left worried. Taking our minds off of things is important to keep our hopes high while the mills of our society work hard to stabilise us. For this reason, since so many of us need a glimpse of hope during this time of unrest, I feel this very deep urge to share the story of HoD with you.

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